Hoosier Families does not discriminate in the selection of staff on the basis of race, age, gender, national origin, color, sexual orientation, religion, disability, veteran status and any other status. Inquiries during the application process should be limited strictly to those matters, which are directly related to the ability of a candidate to perform the job for which the candidate is under consideration.

Job Descriptions.

Hoosier Families interviews candidates, and may require more than one interview. To foster a greater understanding of job duties, Hoosier Families formulates and periodically updates job descriptions. Job descriptions can be changed from time to time without notice to meet the needs of Hoosier Families and its families. Staff may be assigned to tasks not listed in job descriptions.

Applicant Disclosure.

Hoosier Families relies on information provided by applicants in making employment decisions. If an applicant provides false information or fails to provide information that has been requested, Hoosier Families may not employ the applicant, or may terminate the employment relationship.