Home-Based Community Services

Hoosier Families' Home-Based Family Centered Casework Services seeks the best approach to help strengthen the foundation of our families, improve stability and help prevent incidences of child neglect.

Hoosier Families goes above and beyond to help our families position themselves for reunification and uninterrupted permanency by utilizing a thorough assessment process to help identify key areas of improvement. We then combine the assessed needs with additional universally-tangible skills such as: Parenting skills, household, financial & anger management, communication, child development and family safety, to create a family-specific curriculum.

Our thorough assessment process is what keeps our success rate high - we do everything possible to reduce opportunities for child abuse and neglect. The only way to make a difference is to identify our family's underlying need(s) and actively engage [with] them to find a solution. This individualized approach is very promising.

Alexander J. Burks, Board Chairman

Our Standards

Proactive advocacy requires education and empowerment - providing our families with the tools and resources needed to invoke community change. Hoosier Families will continue to actively educate and empower our communities to raise awareness of issues that can directly affect our children & families.
Hoosier Families understands change is necesary, which is why we are committed to the ongoing evaluation of the services we provide. The Hoosier Families Quality Advancement program is our way of holding ourselves accountable and helps ensure our provided services result in positive outcomes.
Our goal is to eventually provide our ever-expanding services to all regions of Indiana to solidify ourselves as the go-to resource for all Hoosier Families (see what we did there?).
No one is perfect - that's why pencils have erasers. But one thing is certain: If we don't try, we won't achieve. Hoosier Families will achieve practical perfection by accepting the never-ending mission to be the best we can be.

Our Success

Child & Family Welfare Advocacy | 93%
Parent-Sibling Visitation Facilitation | 98%
Home-Based Family Centered Case Work | 99%
Father Engagement Initiative | 98%
Making the World, A Better Place | 100%